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Youthopolis  is based in a small city in the South-West of Romania, near the Danube’s Gorges, a unique place with a high touristic potential. Our aim is to support and promote youth interests on local, national and international level for an efficient integration in the nowadays European dynamic society. We focus on cooperation with other non-profit organization, schools or other public institutions to exchange experience in the field of education, culture or youth issues in the framework of non-formal and informal education.


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Social Inclusion

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    Irish & International Comparative on Culture,Education and Employment

    IICCEE is a bilateral youth exchange project coordinated by St. Laurence O’Toole Catholic Social Care CLG, Ireland and organized by Youthopolis, Romania. The participants, aged between 17-25, work together in order to explore the issuee of employability, culture and education in Ireland and Romania, using non-formal educational methods. Through the activities, the participants worked to improve their professional life competences, identify and address stereotypes that block creativity and turn to the positives. As a bonus, the youngsters made friends amongst themselves and discovered that despite the long distance between the two countries people can feel the same. We strongly believe that, by the end of this project, the young people will have enhanced employability, improved their career prospects, increase confidence and self-esteem and broaden their knowledge on culture and education in the partner countries.

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    ID Through Photography

    Between 1-12 August, our association was involved in the 4th ID Project, entitled “ID Through Photography”. ID stands for identity, which was the central exploration theme in these projects. During the exchange in Switzerland , youngsters aged 18-26 from Romania, Switzerland, Serbia and Holland found answers to questions surrounding stereotypes, cliches, migration, discrimination, interculturality and diversity. Photography was one of the main artistic methods used to explore ID. Together with photography there were theater and music workshops. The three artistic workshops were organized particularly to allow all participants to build together a collective work displayed during a public exhibition despite their artistic (and thus personal/cultural)differences.

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    We were happy to be part the 2nd phase of the project InFormal -Integration of non-formal education approach to the formal education system for youth empowerment at local level» that took place in Luxembourg from August 1st to 9th. This 2nd phase focused on the application of NFE principles and methodology to FE, practice of teaching/presenting theories and evidence based data in education in non-formal way, as well as identifying ways to stimulate learners’ critical thinking and motivation, reflecting on the code of ethics of educator

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    In case you were wondering what wonderful projects we were busy with, last week we hosted the mobility of youth workers within the the KA1 project Facilita(c)tion. What we wanted to achieve was creation of a context where 26 youth workers from 7 European countries develop their facilitation/training competences. The working methodology was non-formal education, with a self-directed approach. The participants believe they have become more competent in mastering a facilitation process due to their active participation in the delivered activities such as : theatre, role play, dance, reflection, individual and group exercises. The project has been financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program and implemented with the support of the Romanian National Agency.

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    First pilot course based on the Competence Model for Youth Workers

    What a good learning week! Youthopolis has just returned from Italy, where the very first pilot course based on the Competence Model for Youth Workers was implemented. The training was the result of the first edition of European Training Strategy and aimed to create a space for validating the competences of youth workers working internationally.

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    Equality in Diversity

    We are proud to be local partners in the strategic project coordinated by our friends from the Mehedinten Students’ Association! “On May 17-22, 2018, the first activity of the project” Equality in Diversity-Social Inclusion in Youth Organizations “is being carried out, a project co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Key Action 2-Strategic Partnership Projects. 28 young people from Romania, France, Germany and Poland, young people learning to apply sociological research methods (questionnaire, interview, focus group, observation) to identify the main prejudices and stereotypes that discriminate young people in their countries . The Mehedinţeni Students Association, which coordinates the project, tells you the admiration for how the group of young people understand to be actively involved in the issue of discrimination. ”

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    The Changemakers

    A mixture of learning, fun, work and sightseeing was our week during the TC The Changemakers, all in the context of active citizenship! The project was financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program and supported by the German National Agency. Honored to have the group here, in Drobeta Turnu Severin! Photo credit: Beata Wozniak

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    ATOQ Training Course

    So excited to be represented by Ana at ATOQ Training Course, an international event designed for the participants to work together on different aspects and quality elements in organising and running international Youth Exchanges. The training was exceptionally organized by the Romanian National Agency. “Am descoperit tainele legate de calitatea unui proiect de schimb de tineri Erasmus+. De la invatare nonformala, pana la implicarea participantilor, diseminare si impact, zi de zi adaugam inca un nivel in piramida cunostintelor mele. Am cunoscut oameni faini, am acceptat provocari si mi am iesit din zona de comfort.”

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    Ready! Steady! Change the discriminatory mindset!

    Short time ago, we welcomed a wonderful youth exchange project with 35 participants from the Netherlands (Stichting CAAT Projects), Macedonia (Together Macedonia), Poland (Młodzieżowy Ośrodek Socjoterapii nr 2 KĄT) Italy (FONDAZIONE INSTITUTO MORCELLIANO) and us, Romania. The main reason we gathered together was to take action against discrimination and embrace diversity by raising awareness about the boundaries that discrimination produces in young people’s life. First learning first: the project could not single-handedly eradicated discrimination and its faces, but it definitely changed young people’s attitude, broadened their opportunities, provided new experiences and challenges and brought out of them what was best. The project was financed by European Commission through Erasmus+ programme, KA1 youth exchange project.

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    A Creative Project for My Future

    And here we are! Slowly coming back to our lives from what was a great learning experience for 40 European young people! What we did was: supporting each other to explore our own creativity, improve our professional life competences by linking creativity with jobs within experiential activities, identify and break stereotypes that block creativity and creative thinking, reflect on their own learning process and last, but not least….fun and fun and fun! A Creative Project for My Future was a Youth Exchange project financed by European Commission under the Erasmus+ program and supported by the Romanian National Agency.

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Plan, Prepare, Do it!

“Plan, Prepare, Do it!” is a ten-day Youth Exchange (including travel days) that will take place between 6th of May and 15th of May 2019 in Larissa, Greece, supported by Erasmus+ and i-Participate.
Deadline 31 decembrie 2018

We need You !

Y+E3 aims to empower the youngsters of the participating countries by equipping them with entrepreneurial competences that will improve their employability and market value
Deadline 25 august 2018

Let’s talk smart!
Join Us!

The need of this initiative appeared as a learning need of the participants on the youth exchange project Youth! Action! Change! Implemented by our partners AMIGOS DE EUROPA in November-December 2017.
Deadline 15 august 2018 


IICCEE is a bilateral youth exchange project coordinated by St. Laurence O’Toole Catholic Social Care CLG, Ireland and organized by Youthopolis, Romania.
Deadline 13 iulie 2018

ID Through Photography

ID stands for identity and it is the central exploration theme in this project. This project wants you to use your identity together with other youngsters to overcome obstacles, cross borders and break down barriers.
Deadline 10 iulie 2018



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      ”Irish & Intercultural Comparative on Culture,Education and Employment ” project had a tremendous impact on me, first of all as far as social interactions are concerned. The fact that I had the opportunity to communicate in english helped me deepen my knowledge in this field. Also, the main topics of the project ( culture, education and employment) were in harmony with the activities, which made me be aware of the cultural and educational differences between the two countries involved. Last but not least, I managed to make some lasting friendships and meet several types of characters.

    Thabita Streinu
    Participant IICCEE
  • cristi

      For me, Youthopolis has a big role in my personal development. Certainly, the best thing about this organization is that it provides huge opportunities for young people, opportunities that are life-changing for most of the youth in our community, that want to participate more. Being part of this community, and participating in several projects, helped me in becoming more active and open-minded, sharing opinions and ideas, and having amazing experiences. That's why I will keep doing it, for sure!

    Cristian Crețu
    Participant in several projects

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